In addition to our Turkish HQ in Istanbul, ZLG (UK) Ltd has bases at the Black Sea Ports of Trabzon and Hopa.

Strategically positioned to link trade between East and West, they are the historical transhipment centres on the short transit routes linking them not only to the countries of the Caucasus, but to the Central Asian Republics and the Caspian Sea, including Iran.

Trabzon, and the Port of Hopa which is only 15 km from the border with Georgia, are established as key players in the Europe-Asia transport corridor, linking the Black Sea with the Caspian Sea and the old Silk Road route beyond it. They have excellent infrastructure and modern machinery operated by well-trained staff capable of handling the needs of ocean-going ships.

ZLG (UK) Ltd, whose origins are also in this corner of N.E Turkey, has become increasingly involved in operations at both ports, and is well equipped to handle, store and transport all types of cargo with an extensive fleet of vehicles, warehousing and secure storage facilities.

One resource much appreciated by its clients is the Trabzon Free Trade Zone, which has been defined as a site within the country but outside the customs borders. Merchandise originating from overseas may be brought there without payment of customs duties, import duties or other excise taxes. All types of trade, transit trade and sales can be carried out by Turkish or foreign companies without being subject to Turkish legislation.

Goods arriving by sea at both ports can continue their in-bond overland transit to their ultimate destinations.

ZLG (UK) Ltd offers clients requiring haulage to and from its Black Sea ports, the Caspian Sea and beyond